The Successful Teenager

Being a teenager is like a roller coaster ride. A lot of firsts happen in this period such as college preparations, moving out of a parent’s house and even relationships. Teenagers may feel pressured most of the time because of the expectation set by their family, friends and the whole society. It is understandable that some feels burdened, but this should not be a reason to halt what is supposed to be planned for the future.

teen 1

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It is evident how teenagers work hard and they truly deserve some patting on the back. But this seems to be the same reason for some crisis as well. Keeping up with everybody’s anticipations may be the most difficult aspect of this stage but like any other else, teenagers are also motivated to achieve something despite of the difficulties.

Here’s some suggestion of how to be successful on such delicate but fun period:

  1. Learn how to drive.
  2. Explore new places.
  3. Register to cast a vote.
  4. Do something you fear.
  5. Get a part time job
  6. Save some bucks for a first major purchase.
  7. Befriend the adults around.

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