Cash Payment for Home Purchase

Presently, when one decides to buy a home, very common that he will arrange it via a loan. The loan may either be an adjustable or fixed rate mortgage, depending on the deal that has not been arranged. But when one has all the funds needed, he will surely consider paying it all up in cash. But will this work that way?


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When a potential home buyer shops around, sellers will definitely consider this kind of purchase more than a higher priced offer that goes with the conventional loan financing. This is because this arrangement does not require appraisal, loan funding and a faster deal closing is more likely to happen in the end.

On the part of the buyer, there are many advantages when a home purchase is paid in cash. Aside from having the major chances of winning a multiple offer, the benefits includes the following:

  1. Equity availability in case of emergency.
  2. Title transfer does not have any strict restrictions.
  3. Sense of Security
  4. Market fluctuation does play a vital role in the purchase.
  5. No mortgage payment required.



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